Stretchmarks and rollersPractical guide & video workshop


Skin needling protocol and Stretchmarks

Number of sessions: Typically 4 to 8 sessions

Time between sessions: approx 1 month

Post procedure follow up : Patient viewed at J7 or J8 for healing control

Anesthesia : EMLA cream

Skin disinfection + sterile surgical disposable field.

Roller with 1.5 mm needles

3 to 8 sessions, monthly spaced

10 to 20 roller back and forth moves per treated area

Avoid sun exposure during 2 weeks or use sunscreen

The skin side of the stretch mark is gripped between the thumb and forefinger so as to make a rod or cord. The roller is moved along the rod, along the stretch marks, in several directions (star) to obtain punctate bleeding.

The roller must be taken between the end of the thumb and middle finger or index finger for better control of the movement. The roller is held by the end of the handle. It is not necessary to press much to get the needles to penetrate into the dermis.

The principle of this rolling technique is quite simple: it is to carry and rotate the cylinder back and forth, keeping it in contact with the skin during the movement. This gesture creates micro holes into the dermis. There are around 200 to 300 holes per cm2.

The back and forth moves should be done in several directions to to evenly distribute the holes and reduce overlaps. The movement pattern follows the branches of a star. In practice, it makes a 4-5 back and forth in each direction horizontal, vertical in the same thing and the same in the two diagonals.

The total number of passes per treated area is around 20.

Other training videos

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